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Impossible Return: Cape Town's Forced Removals by Siona O'Connell


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Publication date: September 2019 - Pre-Order Now!

That hurt is still there. We had a good, good childhood in Harfield, even though we were poor.

Anger. Hurt. Loneliness. These feelings are familiar to residents from Harfield Village who were forcibly removed from the area in the early '70s. For the first time, Dr Siona O’Connell has found a way to bring their stories to light. She examines apartheid-era forced removals, their ways of life, home, belonging and freedom in the aftermath of apartheid for these residents.

David Brown’s images form the backdrop of the book: a series of images, telling stories of what life was like in Harfield as well and the effects that eviction wreaked and continues to impose on these people. Brown’s photographs are echoed by images taken in 2018 of these former residents. This is a reminder that for many ex-residents, the past seems to be not only unspeakable, but unthinkable, and ‘unlistenable’. We cannot afford to forget these atrocities of the past.

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