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It Can't be True! Animals! by DK


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Publication Date: April 2020 - Pre-Order Now!

Did you know that one blue whale weighs as much as 32 Asian elephants? That can't be true, you say! Yes it is, and this book put the whale on the the scales to show you!

Packed with mind-blowing facts and awesome illustrations, this brilliant book for kids reveals incredible information about the weird and wonderful world of animals. Can you believe an ant recently discovered in the treetops of Borneo explodes when under attack, covering enemy ants in a toxic goo? Did you know that the ocean-dwelling bootlace worm is longer than a 50-metre Olympic-sized swimming pool?

It Can't Be True! Animals brings you record-breaking facts, amazing stories, and unbelievable animal activity that you can see for yourself. Eye-popping photos and incredible illustrations show you what the numbers mean, comparing the extraordinary with the familiar. From the coconut crab that grows bigger than a basketball to the Ruppell's vulture that soars higher than an aeroplane, this unique book for kids shows you what other books only tell you.

Featuring astounding animals from all the main groups - invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals - It Can't Be True! Animals is the perfect book for children who are curious about the animal kingdom.

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