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7 Days by Maru


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Publication Date: March 2020 - Pre-order Now!

7 Days is a journey.

It is a journey we have all been on or are still to embark on and embrace.

This journey will either break you or make you, but it most definitely will change your perspective on life and love. You will love yourself or hate yourself because of things you have never said or wish you had said better. Not only is this a poetry book but it is also a dictionary, to translate what your heart is feeling, what your mind is speaking and what your soul will not rest about.

Here in this compilation, emotions turn into words perfectly assembled on a piece of paper which you can use to express yourself.

Poetry that takes you to a state of confusion yet you experience full understanding. Poetry that is beautiful but also bears the ugly. Poetry that is joyous but also sad. Poetry that is forgiving but also resentful. Poetry that speaks but is also silent. Poetry that will make you want to walk away but you will stay. The author evokes all kinds of conflicting emotions and brings out opposing feelings. Her work also walks you through the beauty of love and the pain of loss and despair. All these feelings and emotions have love as their foundation. A foundation many do not get to experience nor savour. Let’s embrace love with all other conflicting emotions and feelings it comes with. Maru uses the language of love, hurt and death in a tapestry that depicts life itself. Maru celebrates ‘the black woman’ as a beautiful piece of work. Colour, sexuality, femininity, fertility, body mass and all things black and feminine. Thank you Maru for inviting me into your world. The journey is memorable.” - Minister Ayanda Dlodlo

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