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Sea Star Summer By Sally Ann Partridge


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Publication Date: April 2020 - Pre-Order Now

All 16­-year-­old Naomi wants to do over December is to read her books and avoid other people. Jeffreys Bay promises the perfect drama­-free holiday.

But when she encounters Sannie, a strange and imaginative girl, on the beach, a budding friendship blooms. Sannie however isn't the first to notice the awkward, red-­haired newcomer and soon Naomi finds herself at the centre of a love triangle between a blue-­eyed local surfer and Sannie's dark and mysterious brother.

Handsome Daniel would be the perfect addition to her Instagram stories, while brooding Marius offers the chance of real adventure.

But what if the person Naomi really wants to be with is Sannie?

A touching coming­-of­-age story about young love and self­-discovery.

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