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The Unlikely Mr Rogue (and me) by Evelyn Groenink


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Publication Date: October 2019 - Pre-Order Now!

Written by the author of Incorruptible, The Unlikely Mr Rogue (and me)  is the story of the quiet man behind the so-called ‘rogue unit’ at SARS who has become a lightning rod for so many in politics. It takes the reader on a journey from Ivan’s growing up in Merebank, KwaZuluNatal, to his politicisation, his friendship with Pravin Gordhan and the story of Operation Vula, which Ivan ran from Lusaka, reporting to Oliver Tambo.

In some ways, the setting up of SARS was Operation Vula revisited. Many of the same operatives, working for a higher purpose. And this higher purpose, of providing the money to reduce inequality in the state, was a daily mantra for Gordhan, Pillay and others. They really believed in it.

Groenink tells of the early 90s in Lusaka, of their falling in love, of the insecurity in coming back to the country, and the times when Ivan was in charge of stationery in the bowels of Shell House.

It’s the story of a good man, an unlikely man, a quiet man, determined to use SARS to fund the post-liberation nation-building, and his downfall at the hands of his enemies and a scurrilous Sunday Times.

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