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Bass Fishing in South Africa by Gareth Coombs


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Publication Date: May 2019

The goal of any fisherman is to catch fish! However, this is not always as simple as casting a line or throwing a net into the water. Some fish are wily, and know how to avoid the hooks, lures or bait that have been set for them. Knowing how a fish might behave in specific weather conditions, or at certain times of the year, improves the angler’s chance of making a catch. Gareth Coombs has experienced the frustration and the pleasure of trying to catch this predatory sportfish. Bass Fishing in South Africa is his response to years of patiently studying currents, wind, air temperature and the underwater landscape, in order to understand the behaviour, sensory capabilities and nesting habits of largemouth black bass. His approach will delight bass fishermen and freshwater anglers who are facing the challenge of catching largemouth.

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