1 Recce - Volume 2: Behind Enemy Lines by Alexander Strachan

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Publication Date: March 2020

1 Recce, Behind Enemy Lines, takes the reader into the Recces' inside chamber.

In their own words the Recces detail life-threatening operations performed under great secrecy during the late 1970's in Angola and Rhodesia.

The reader sees the operators sweat in the airplane or submarine and experiences the danger with them when they face crocodile invested rivers in the middle of the night. The tension and adrenaline run high when the Recces place explosives in a train tunnel deep in hostile territory or turn a large fuel storage sit at an Angolan port city into a blaze of fire.

Those who were present tell of the tension, anticipation, fear, adrenaline,  exhaustion, thirst and sadness they experienced, but also of the humorous moments and the bonds of friendship forged.

1 Recce, Behind Enemy Lines is Alexander Strachan's, award-winning author and former Recce, sequel to his bestselling first book in this series: 1 Recce, The Night Belongs to Us.

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