5 Night Plan: A guide to strong and grounded relationships by Rich Simmonds

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Publication Date: June 2022 

 Rich Simmonds espouses a radically different approach to understanding how strong and grounded relationships should be built.

He simplifies the pro's and pitfalls of romantic communication to unpack key communication concepts upon which to build new relationships - such as integrity of intention and authenticity.

What Rich Simmonds espouses is that brand new couples should spend 5 uninterrupted days and nights together to force a reality of communication and intention that simply doesn't happen in the initial romantic artifice of new relationships. His research and experience as a Social Communications Influencer show that building a love-relationship on transient, reality-masking romance is why most marriages fail. The '5 Night Plan', however, explains why and how communication is the ultimate key to building lifelong love.

This book will provide readers with:
�� A stepping stone to transform or bring life to relationships, be they old or new.
�� A focused and creative plan to guide couples into strong relationships.
�� An opportunity to discover how committed partners really are.
�� Most importantly - To open the lines of communication between you and your partner.
The foreword of 5 Night Plan is by Dr. Steve Maraboli