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A Slimmer You Cookbook by Regine du Plessis

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Publication date: January 2020 

Many people want to lose weight, and we’re all looking for the easiest way to do so. When it comes to weight-loss programmes, one of the excuses frequently heard by dieticians is ‘I don’t know how to prepare the right meals’. This book provides a solution to that.

In A Slimmer You Cookbook, the author presents over 75 home-style recipes, all yielding just 1000 kJ per portion, to suit a variety of individual preferences, family circumstances and budgets. The recipes demonstrate that, by monitoring your portions, you can cook for a family, eat healthily, and enjoy a variety of foods, all while achieving your goal of losing weight. But eating correctly is not just about following a recipe or meal plan; we need to understand how what we eat affects our health. The introduction includes topics such as BMI and cholesterol levels, how to balance daily food intake with activity levels, the role of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in our diet, making the most of ‘free’ vegetables, and tips on how to interpret food labels.

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