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Bad Apple by Zoje Stage

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Publication Date: 08/18

Your husband thinks your daughter’s an angel.
You know different.

Seven-year-old Hanna has never said a word. Although she knows her daddy loves and understands her – and she loves him with all her heart – she doesn’t feel she can trust her mummy. Wilful and clever, she chooses not to speak, making her thoughts clear in other ways. But her silence is putting a huge strain on her family.

Suzette loves her daughter, but after years of tantrums, difficulties with babysitters and schools, and Hanna’s markedly different behaviour towards her and her husband, she starts to fear the strained time alone with her. Suzette’s health problems – precarious at the best of times – start to play up. But while her husband is sympathetic, he can’t see that his beautiful wife and adorable daughter are engaged in a silent battle.

Then Hanna speaks for the first time, alone, to Suzette. But what she says is chilling.

Suzette wants to write it off as a scary joke, but Hanna’s tricks seem to become increasingly sophisticated. With her husband blind to what his daughter may be capable of, could she be in danger from her own child?

Fans of Jane Shemilt, Gillian McAllister or Jane Corry will love this page-turning story of dark domestic suspense...

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