Barca: The inside story of the world's greatest football club by Simon Kuper

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Publication Date: September 2021 

"Imagine the club not as a theatre of dreams but as a workplace. What is office life like day to day? Who are the people who run the club? How much power do they actually have over the players? What should the players eat, and how can you persuade them to eat it?"

From the author of bestselling Soccernomics comes a book that will reshape our understanding of football and the world's most talked-about club: FC Barcelona.

After 30 years of unprecedented access, this book takes the reader behind closed doors into the changing room, the training ground and the boardroom to reveal the real stories behind Bar a's rise to global sports superpower - and its recent fall from grace.

It includes interviews with the towering personalities responsible for transforming Bar a including Johan Cruyff and Pep Guardiola. It details the work of coaches, medics, data analysts and nutritionists, as well as extraordinary players like Lionel Messi, in building not just a club but a football philosophy. It analyses the unique structure of Bar a from the Catalan power politics at the top, the cutting-edge sports science hub it has created and its legendary youth academy known as La Masia.

This is truly a book decades in the making, which establishes how an army of coaches, medics, data analysts and nutritionists have built the foundations for one of the outstanding successes of the modern game.