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Being Lily by Qarnita Loxton

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Publication Date: August 2018

Dr Lily De Angelo is counting down the days before her wedding to Owen Fisher, making sure everything is perfect. For one thing, Owen’s dad from the Cape Flats will be seated far away from Lily’s snobbish parents who keep insinuating that Owen is not good enough for their trust fund baby.

And then blonde-haired, long-legged Courtney shows up with her fifteen year-old daughter, Chiara, who could be Owen’s. Everything goes pear-shaped for Lily, including her bum, that still doesn’t fit into her wedding dress, despite hours in the gym.

Courtney and Chiara move in with Lily and Owen and not only is the ex-from-hell making eyes at him, but Owen seems a bit too happy at the thought of potentially being a dad. What happened to their decision to commit to love and marriage, but not the baby carriage? Is he changing his mind about children, about her?

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