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Betrayal: The Secret Lives of Apartheid Spies by Jonathan Ancer

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Publication Date: August 2019

What does it take to deceive those closest to you? How do you lead a double life and not lose yourself? Is there ever a point of return?

These are the themes – and more – that Jonathan Ancer explores as he tells the tales of some of South Africa’s most unusual and successful spies. From the navy super spy on the Russian pay roll to the party girl who fell in love with Cuba, from the accidental mole in the heart of Pretoria’s war on the frontline states to the idealistic students used and abused in apartheid’s intelligence war, their journeys into the shadowy world of espionage raise questions about conscience, trust and the very notion of truth.

From the author of Spy: Uncovering Craig Williamson, this new book gets under the skin of what it takes to betray those closest to you – and what it means to be betrayed.

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