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Captive by Tony Park

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Publication Date: April 2018

Veterinarian Graham Baird's drunken, aimless life takes a turn for the worse when he is caught up in a deadly shootout with elephant poachers in Mozambique. One of the men Graham kills is the younger brother of Fidel Costa, poaching kingpin and corrupt politician. Costa is out for vengeance.

Australian lawyer Kerry Maxwell has come to Africa as a volunteer to help save endangered wildlife, but when Graham is imprisoned in Mozambique Kerry sets out on a mission to free him.

Kerry finds herself on the frontline of the war on poaching, a fight waged not only in the African bush, but also in the hearts and minds of international donors to a diverse army of well-meaning charities. Former US Navy SEAL Eli Johnston is campaigning for support for his gun-toting anti-poaching unit, while passionate fundraising consultant Sarah Hoyland will stop at almost nothing to save Africa's animals or to get her man.

Kerry, Graham, Eli and Sarah are all in Costa's crosshairs and he's prepared to go to great lengths to exact his revenge.


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