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The Choice Between Us by Edyth Bulbring

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Publication Date: May 2019

A story of two girls living in Johannesburg. Two acts of betrayal, set more than fifty years apart. 

It is Johannesburg 1963 and Nelson Mandela is on trial for his life. Nine-year-old Margaret Channing-Court unwittingly attracts the attention of the security police to her home. Forced to make a choice, she watches helplessly as her family is destroyed. 

More than fifty years later, Jenna Moore, a troubled fifteen-year-old, is packing up her Great Aunt Cee-Cee’s Johannesburg house. She pries open a locked drawer and finds an old letter addressed to her aunt. One of a few words stands out clearly: MURDERER.

As Jenna discovers the clues which reveal the secret her aunt has attempted to keep hidden all her life, she is forced to confront her own shameful act of betrayal.

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