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Circus by Irma Venter

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Publication Date: 08/18


It’s the eighties in Johannesburg. Adriana van der Hoon is eighteen years old. Her

father, an anti-apartheid activist and Dutch citizen, smuggles money for the ANC

using a non-profit trust as a front. But then things change . . . and South Africa’s

notorious security police blackmails Adriana into following the money trail from

Berlin to Johannesburg.

As political change sweeps across Europe and South Africa, Adriana

acquires a new skills set, a lover and an enemy.

More than 25 years later, Adriana is safe and sound, back in Johannesburg.

Together with her friend Zenani they run a restaurant called Crow’s Feet. But the

past is finally catching up with her, and this time round there is no place to hide.

Circus is the first of Venter’s series to be translated into English. However,

each book is a stand-alone novel. The series shares a character cast, with a

different character becoming the central storyline in each book.

“Irma Venter is world class.” – Deon Meyer


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