Finding your seat at the table: Creating the ideal career by Ms Teboho Mofokeng

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Publication Date: February 2021

The world of work is constantly changing and there is not much we can do about it. There are new careers in demand for which there is a shortage of skills; while some careers are becoming redundant and there is an oversupply of skills. In most careers, it is no longer business as usual. A lasting career requires adaptation and mental toughness. The game plan of only showing up at work to collect a paycheck each month and leave it to the company to build your career is not enough. This book shares global trends on the future of work, the tools to create a career path and how to execute it. There are currently five generations at the workplace, this book will give you a strategic advantage on how to communicate and lead such diverse cultures. Finding your seat at the requires that you play to your strengths and build on the skills required to lead and inspire change once you are at the table.