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From Cattle-Herding to Editor's Chair by RV Selope Thema

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Publication Date: 07/18


What I saw during the time I was employed at the Pass Office – I mean the

illtreatment of Africans – affected my heart and stirred my soul … I would be of

some service to my down-trodden people.

Richard Victor Selope Thema was Chairperson of the committee that drew up a

new constitution for the South African Native National Congress, the first editor

of The Bantu World (now The Sowetan), and served on the Native Representative

Council (NRC). Thema was also one of the first black men to visit England in

1919 to intervene on black South Africans’ behalf.

This book, in Thema’s own words, recounts his early life and charts his thinking

and writing from radical to passivist – Thema believed that almost everything

could be solved by negotiation and talking, and some in the ANC did not agree

with him. He is an intellectual forefather of both the ANC Youth league and the

Pan-Africanists of the 1950s, and one of the forgotten leaders of the ANC.


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