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Graceless Fall of Robert Mugabe by Geoffrey Nyarota

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Publication Date: 08/18

The ousting of Robert Mugabe as Zimbabwe’s president took the world by surprise. In this book, award-winning Zimbabwean journalist Geoffrey Nyarota explains how and why the events of November 2017 happened as they did.
Nyarota evaluates the political and economic impact of Mugabe’s presidency, showing how he managed to reduce a prosperous nation to a state of destitution through extreme misgovernance. The book describes the rifts within ZANU-PF as Mugabe sidelined anyone who might challenge his power, and the creation of opposing factions that supported Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and First Lady Grace Mugabe respectively. It traces the growing ambition and power of Grace Mugabe, culminating in the sacking of Mnangagwa as vice president in November 2017, and explains how this finally spurred ZANU-PF to rid itself of the president who had done so much damage to the country over the decades.
Written with the insight of a veteran Zimbabwean journalist, this is a fascinating account of the rise and fall of one of Africa’s longest-ruling dictators.

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