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Grammys Treasure Chest by Joy Mol

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Publication Date: 07/18

A treasure trove of 21 stories that will teach kids valuable life lessons and important truths from the Bible.

Teach your kids valuable life lessons today so that they can spend eternity at the feet of the Great Storyteller.

An exciting and fresh mixture of 21 stories drawing young minds into each real-life situation as if they were there themselves. The heartfelt writings will take young hearts on a journey of discovering the “hidden treasure” in each story, namely a key life principle such as loving others, honesty is the best policy and sharing. Each reading also includes something to thank God for, and a fun thing to do. These charming stories are perfect for children to read themselves, or for parents to read to them as an ideal bedtime-discussion piece.

Grammy’s Treasure Chest will instill principles in children’s hearts that are invaluable to building godly character and raising them to be sons and daughters after the Father’s heart.

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