Grasping at Straws Book Two by Yvonne Maphosa

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Publication Date: August 2020

"When the grandmother speaks, the earth will be healed".

I tried channeling my powers so I could reach my ancestors for help but they all turned their backs on me and their voices fell silent. I felt my gift dwindle away, slowly like someone was sucking the energy right out of my soul. As the last wisp of strength left my body, I fell down on my knees. 

That's when I heard a roar; piercing like a deep thunder in the midst of a storm. I opened my eyes and shiver ran up and down my spine. A lion; my totem animal in all its ferocity stood before me, with a mane on fire and sharp canines bared. I shuddered in terror but I remained on my knees. I felt dizzy from staring into its glimmering eyes, yet I couldn't look away. 

The lion shook its mane with unmatched elegance, sending sparks flying off like glitter into the air. It lifted its head skyward and its voice roared and rumbled across the heavens, it said to me:

"One must die for one to live. Who will it be? Your blood or your heart?"

The sangoma once told me that only powerful divines get to meet the origin og their clans. My totem animal is a lion and I think I juts might have looked my oldest ancestor in the eye tonight.