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I Tweet What I Like by Jackie Phamotse

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Publication Date: 02/19

Jackie Phamotse digs deep into the climate of law and policy in the social media landscape. After a David and Goliath social media legal battle that saw many take note tweeting about her, the result is a brace, thought-provoking and remarkably detailed social media guide and personal narrative.
A first-hand approach on beating public humiliation and cyber victimization, Phamotse combines personal anecdotes, hard data and compelling research to cut through an unjust system governed by the rich and famous. The author directly addresses the question of power and obsession related to social media influencers.
Written with equal doses of humor, compassion and wisdom, “I tweet what I like” is an inspiring call to action, celebrating diversity and human potential. I tweet what I like will inspire you! 
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