It Can't Be True! Human Body!: 1,000 Amazing Facts About You by DK

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Publication Date: November 2021

Astound your friends and family with this impressive collection of mind-boggling facts and visual comparisons about the human body.

Did you know you made 3 million new blood cells while you read this sentence? Or that you shed and regrow a whole new layer of skin every 39 days? Or that your DNA could stretch to the Sun and back not once but 16 times? It Can't Be True! Human Body! is full of bite-size, fascinating nuggets of information about the incredible abilities of human bodies.

Find out how many bathtubs of saliva you swallow, how many tankers of blood your heart pumps, how many gigagallons of air your lungs exhale. Discover how bone is strong enough to support the weight of a truck and be amazed by the unbelievable number of odours your nose can smell and the seemingly infinite range of colours your eyes can see. Witness the smallest bone, the strongest muscle, the fastest nerve, the deadliest parasite. See how an eye works like a 576 megapixel camera and find out why the human brain beats the world's biggest AI supercomputer.

Packed with exciting computer-generated images (CGIs), It Can't Be True! Human Body! explains astounding number facts with jaw-dropping visual comparisons that reveal just how impressive your body really is.