Keto Daily Meal Planner by Hendrik Marais

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Publication Date: March 2022

For all the keto lifestyle followers, here is the ultimate and most convenient meal planner and progress tracker! It’s the easiest way to manage your pathway when starting a keto diet – and maintaining
it – in a practical, visual and affirming manner. And although this is a completely stand-alone aid, it makes for a perfect companion volume with author Hendrik Marais’  Living the Ultimate Keto Lifestyle  guide and cookbook.
The introduction explains how to make the most of the 52-week planner and tracker, which includes a daily balanced meal planner, shopping list, motivational quotes and tips, intermittent fasting, weekly reflection and, so importantly, prompts for weight and cm monitoring, as well as water consumption and other relevant information. This is an effortless and fun way to achieve your weight-loss, fat-loss, body-recomposition and health goals.