Learn to read (Level 5) Tippie Boxset 10 by Jose Palmer & Reinette Lombard (Expected Jul 2022)

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Learning to read is fun with Tippie the elephant! Level 5 introduces readers to controlled r vowels as well as to final syllables with a consonant and -le. The level 5 books are progressive and encourage the learning of these two syllable types and the rules surrounding it. The next 10 Tippie adventures are proudly South African and build on the skills acquired in all the previous levels. The text is supported by colourful, engaging illustrations to support comprehension and the learning of these tricky vowel syllables. Additionally, the stories have been written to encourage inference and problem solving through the stories and images to enhance the reader’s skill and fun! Books included in the Level 5 boxset: 1. Tippie likes art 2. Tippie and the girls 3. Tippie and the snore-bot 4. Tippie and the end of term 5. Tippie and the surprise 6. Tippie saddles up 7. Tippie and Fin wrestles 8. Tippie and the big tackle 9. Tippie likes waffles 10. Tippie and the jugglers