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Magnetiize by John Sanei

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Publication Date: 07/18

Today disruption is a part of our daily business vocabulary. We?re all aware of it, and yet many of us still struggle to cope with fast-paced change. How do we take control of our future? What can we do to stop chasing and start attracting ? start MAGNETiiZING ? the life we want? In his bestselling What?s Your Moonshot?, global speaker and trend specialist John Sanei explained how the world is changing exponentially. In his follow-up Magnetiize, he challenges business leaders, employees and individuals to become future-ready, asking a selection of thoughtprovoking questions along the way: Is your organisation profit-led or purpose-led? Are you building a fast-paced flash-in-the-quarterly-profit-balancesheet-pan or an elegant legacy? Are you a bystander of disruption or a creator of the future? Are you running away from the darkness or towards the light? How can you find your purpose and build a life in which you attract to you the future of your own making? In answering these and other questions, John explains how to inspire the best people to work with you; how to build an army of superfans (not just clients and consumers); how to build a culture that creates disruption itself (rather than being disrupted); and, ultimately, how to rethink the world we live in. It?s time to reevaluate the concept and measures of success. It?s time to stop chasing life, and to MAGNETiiZE the life you want.

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