Ougat - From A Hoe Into A Housewife, And Then Some by Shana Fife

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Publication Date: June 2021

Shana Fife is not yet 30, but she has three kids from different fathers. She is alone, has no job and is constantly reminded by her family that she is worthless and unloveable as a result. How did she become this woman, the epitome of everything she was conditioned to strive not to be?

Unsettlingly honest and brutally blunt, this memoir describes a young Cape coloured woman’s life as she battles the social and cultural conditioning of her community.

Exploring themes of sexuality, marriage and motherhood, rape, drugs and depression and cultural identity, Fife tries to define her entire sense of self against a backdrop of confusing mixed messages rooted in generational trauma and shame. A powerful, fresh and disarming new voice – Shana’s writing is like nothing you’ve read before.