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Poacher by Kimon by de Greef & Shuhood Abader

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Publication Date: September 2018

Poacher is an unprecedented inside view of South Africa’s illicit abalone trade, a lawless underwater treasure hunt for a marine snail prized as a delicacy in China.

In the last 25 years poaching syndicates have harvested and smuggled more than 40,000 tons of the coveted shellfish, avoiding all attempts by authorities to shut the trade down.

Shuhood Abader, a poacher of considerable repute, began writing his life story in prison, revealing in rich detail some of the backstory to South Africa's abalone poaching crisis. Here he collaborates with Cape Town journalist Kimon de Greef who has been writing about abalone poaching for years.

Together they peel back the layers on one of the world's strangest illegal commodity trades, showing how the pursuit of status in China plugged into South Africa's criminal underworld and drove a rush for abalone that continues to this day.

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