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Robert McBride: The Struggle Continues by Bryan Roston

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Publication Date: October 2019

When Robert McBride was sentenced to death, he turned to the public gallery in court and said: ‘Freedom is just around the corner. I am leaving you at the corner – and you must take that corner to find freedom on the other side.’ As a guard moved in, he raised his fist and shouted: ‘The struggle continues till Babylon falls.’

It was 1987: the time of ‘total onslaught’.The trial of the MK unit that planted the Magoo bomb on Durban's beachfront dominated the news but few knew the real story of the brave young people who brought the armed struggle to Natal. This is the remarkable story of McBride and his comrades: the substation sabotage, rescuing a compatriot from hospital and smuggling him to Botswana, the devastating Magoo car bomb that killed three women, the dramatic trial, and McBride’s 1463 days on Death Row.

It is a forgotten, thrilling tale of a young man’s incredible courage and sacrifice for the struggle, loyalty between friends, and falling in love across the race barrier.

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