Smart Couples by Naomi K Molefe

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Publication Date: March 2021

Are you investing in your marriage?

In this book, Naomi Molefe takes a holistic approach to teaching on marriage, because her conviction is that when we enter marriage, we enter with the whole person: body, mind, heart and spirit. She calls these the four states or natures of man.

Her argument for marriage is that some people enter marriage because they love and want the body, but unfortunately you cannot just get the body. The body brings along the other three natures: mind, heart and spirit. Having entered marriage with the state or nature that you loved, and ending up with the whole person, can be tricky. 

That is where the importance of investing in your marriage comes in: to assist you with living with the whole person, through each stage of marriage and through each stage of life.

Naomi is a wife and mother, married for nearly 4 decades. She believes in and is passionate about the institution of marriage.