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Staycation Joburg and Pretoria

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Publication Date: November 2017

WHAT WITH THE RISING cost of travel, the scary exchange
rate, the cost of visas, traffic congestion on the roads to the coast,
the environmental cost of air travel and – generally – a lack of
time, perhaps we should revisit the concept of holidays. Do we
really have to travel halfway across the world or halfway across
the country for a holiday to ‘count’? After all, what makes a
holiday a holiday anyway? What makes it special? Two days of
genuine relaxation within 100km of your home is worth more than
a week in a glamorous resort if you’re stressing out about work,
are in semi-constant contact with the office, or are trying to figure
out how you are going to resuscitate your credit card when you get
back. A holiday is a state of mind.

It’s a series of special moments that you will treasure forever. And
that’s what’s so great about staycations. No long queuing and
interviews for visas, no long queues at the airport, no long flights,
and no long, thousand-yard-stare, endless drives through the
Karoo. By choosing a staycation, you minimise the boring, long
bits of holidays, and maximize the fun, interesting bits that make
for treasured memories. And, hey, you save money, save fuel,
and pile up carbon credits at the same time. What’s not to love?
And you would be amazed at how much there is to do so close to
the city – stunning hikes and country stays, big five safaris, awesome golf, amazing adventures,
romantic retreats, and genuinely fun family-friendly resorts where your kids can act their age, and so
can you.

So, check it out – you’ll find amazing golf staycations, adventure staycations, safari
staycations and a range of fabulous one-tank-cations spreading out from the city like
the petals of a daisy. North, south, east, west – close to home is best.

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