Supervillain by Jaco Jacobs

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Publication Date: March 2020

A wild rollercoaster ride filled with superheroes and villains!

Wessel has to spend the holidays with his grandpa. This is going to be the LOUSIEST two weeks of his life.

Grandpa Zirk is more ornery than a hammerhead shark with a toothache and he HATES children. But everything is not quite as it should be.

Why is Grandpa sneaking around in the dead of night?

What is he hiding in the strange little shed in the garden?

There is only one way of finding out …

Before long, Wessel is part of a wild rollercoaster ride filled with superheroes, villains, super cool technology, underhanded plans and incredible explosions! 

 Suddenly, the most boring holiday ever is turning into the adventure of a lifetime. 

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