Tech Adjacent by Mushambi Mutuma

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Publication Date: August 2019

Who actually knows what any of these concepts mean for their business, much less how to integrate them? Things are moving at a faster pace than ever before and it’s become intimidating and overwhelming to keep up. It’s tempting to bury your head in the sand than to try make head or tail of it all. But none of these buzzwords actually matter!

You don’t have to jump aboard every single change and adjustment in the market, or trade in your suit for a T-shirt, jean and sneaker combo. If you have the right context, it’s a lot simpler to understand and use technological shifts as an opportunity to transform your business.

Tech Adjacent is about understanding the principles of tech, its pace, hearing the footsteps of where it might be going, knowing how disruption and innovation work tangibly, and most importantly leveraging it for your unique exponential success. Innovation is contextual, so while Uber, Airbnb and Facebook are grandiose Silicon Valley success stories, they have little relevance in your own market. This book shares stories and case studies of African businesses; both exposing who is getting disrupted as we speak and why; as well as how new companies are leading the next wave of growth.

Mushambi Mutuma’s experience and expertise, not only in business but also as a tech entrepreneur, give real life context to rapid change, unlocking future opportunities and offers tools to predict where your audience and industry are heading. He sells no big ideas but instead genuinely shares his unique perspectives and know-how to help whoever he can in the process.

This isn’t just another book on growing your business in 100 days or dry academic theory, Tech Adjacent is the guidebook for not just surviving but excelling in a world of exponential growth. Whether you are a startup entrepreneur or corporate executive this guide is a must for leaders present and future.

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