The Marvel Studios Story: How a Failing Comic Book Publisher Became a Hollywood Superhero Audible Logo by Charlie Wetzel & Stephanie Wetzel

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Publication Date: May 2022

Marvel characters have been shaping pop culture for decades and when comic books were no longer keeping the company afloat, Marvel Studios was born.

Marvel Studios is the multibillion-dollar home to iconic franchises. They are known for creating brilliant multilayered worlds and storylines that allow their audiences to escape into a fantasy and inspire the creative side of every viewer. But, behind those visionaries is a well-oiled storytelling machine dedicated to getting the Hulk’s smash fists in the hands of every child and a sea of Spiderman costumes deployed every Halloween.

This book educates lion how one of the largest creative companies in the planetary universe runs their business and keeps their fans and their parent company, Disney, counting the profits. Through the story of Marvel Studios, you’ll learn:


  • How to recognize and pursue additional revenue streams
  • How a company can successfully balance the creative with business to appease investors and fans alike
  • And how to keep a decades-old superhero franchise new and exciting without losing sight of its roots