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The Y in your Man is silent 01 by Yvonne Maphosa

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Publication date: June 2019

Born and bred in rural Zimbabwe, Fierce tries to find her feet in Cape Town. She is pursuing a PhD at a university in Cape Town and she takes us through the complex journeys of university life, love, work, school, family and all round relationships. She has a talkative mind, a loving heart and embraces all things beauty and love. As her story unfolds, she finds herself having to fight her way through societal standards, uphold and practice the traditions she was raised by, support her family back home (Black Tax) and still try to stay true to herself. She believes she will never fall in love considering her multiple hilariously failed relationships, until she comes face to face which a dangerously charming man who sweeps her off her feet.

It’s the beginning of an emotional roller coaster as she clings on to love against all odds. It’s all roses and champagne until he marries another woman. She decides to stay anyway. But with the money, the cars, the houses and the steamy nights comes the endless fights with his wife, dodging his family, dealing with fellow side chicks and constantly defending herself from the attacks of the righteous. He loves her but his love is laced with lies, cheating and pain. Yet no matter how many times she lets him go, he always finds a way back into her life. Fierce has an interesting and often hilarious way of handling situations.

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