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Wedding Season: A Collection of Romance Novels by ROSA

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Publication Date: September 2019 

You are cordially invited to a summer wedding!

Wedding season is an anthology of ten English short stories by some of ROSA’s (Romance writers Organisation of South Africa) published authors.

The short stories are all on the theme of summer weddings, but apart from the theme they have nothing in common. Each story will reflect the genre, heat levels and personal writing style of that author. 

Promises of Forever – Natasha Anders

June and Lincoln Taylor’s marriage is buckling— June wants a divorce and Linc wants another chance. Will the magic of his sister’s Drakensberg wedding pave the way to a fresh start? Or is it the beginning of the end for them?

A Love Lost - Alissa Baxter

Cruel circumstances separated young sweethearts, Jane and Miles. Now, a decade later, they unexpectedly meet again in London, and the devastating memories come rushing back. Will they rediscover their lost love, or will the bridge back to one another be impossible to traverse?

Melisende and the Star Warrior – Marie Dry

In medieval France, Melisende, a noblewoman, is kidnapped from her wedding by a strange being who claims to be a warrior from the stars. But after this sexy warrior shows her wondrous things like computers and synthesisers, Melisende’s not so sure she wants to escape her alien captor.

Houdini’s Hack – Sharonlee Holder

Melissa St. John has her life together and a job she loves managing the new branch of her family bakery. Until a pockmarked Pitbull with one ear and half a tail destroys her frosted bachelorette cupcake delivery—and brings Wade ‘Hack’ Laubscher back into her life, offering them both a second chance.

Priest – Suzanne Jefferies

Billy Jorge has to face his demons before they destroy him. He’s set to marry Max, the woman of his dreams, but his past still haunts him. How can he renounce one promise to make another? 

Picture Perfect – Sophia Karlson

Professional photographer Hayley has a lot on her plate at a celebrity wedding, so having one of the groomsmen mess with her focus is really the last thing she needs…or is it?

The Fire Inside - Romy Sommer

Firefighter Sam Redfern is quite happy being ‘just one of the boys’. Until TV talent scout and celebrity Ryan Morgan shows up for a wedding in her sleepy Lake District village, making her feel very much like a woman—a woman with needs.

Under the Highland Sky – Tanya Wilde

Spirited, beautiful and entirely convinced she is being dangled on a string, Dianna O’Donnell arrives at Murray Castle for one purpose and one alone—to break off her engagement with Alasdair Murray, rude, imperious, and the fourth Duke of Castleworth. But things are seldom what they seem and rarely ever do they go according to plan. Will her resolve stay steadfast? Or will this Scottish lass fall for the rugged Highlander all over again?

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